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Dodd Violin - Bow Rehair
bow rehair tools




Please bring cash or make check payable to Tim Dodd  

Like tires and brakes in a car, the horse hair on bows wears out over time. Worn hair which fails to "grip" the strings needs to be replaced. Tim recommends that bows be re-haired after 6 months of typical use.

He uses quality Mongolian white horse hair, and also offer black for bass bows. He take pride in the knowledge of the very simple, yet exact features that make bows work. While some repairmen have a habit of using drills and epoxy, the bows that leave his shop will be void of these, and instead be easily accessible for future work. The plugs he cuts for each bow can often be reused. 

For the special case of low-cost "student" bows, he will sometimes recommend buying a new bow instead: A new bow is usable immediately, and will often cost a bit less than the labor-intensive "rehair".

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