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Guitar Rentals


Here at Blue Note B's Horn Shop we do a rent to own and rental only process.
This means that you can rent the instrument & if you pay the retail amount of the instrument ( the price we would sell it for today, no interest ) than we automatically stop the payments - takes 28 months.  

However, you are NOT obligated to pay off the instrument and can return it when you are done using it (possibly at the end of the school year).  


We totally get that sometimes the kids are hard on these instruments and we don't want you as parents to have the stress of what the costs will be to maintain the instrument for them.  At the same time we don't want your kid to be scared to tell you when their instrument isn't playing right.  That's why we developed the maintenance program!

Your rental payment with us is going to include the tax and also a maintenance fee.  This is a small fee that all our renters pay so that if something happens to the instrument while in their care we can fix it.  

We require our rental instruments to only come to our technicians for repair and cannot go to any other repair shop.  So in order to make that fair we have the rental maintenance program where everyone is paying a small amount every month into the program and it's a $20 flat fee when you need to use it.  

This will always be less than the cost of repair but also ensures we have the funds to pay our technicians.  

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